How I got started with The Venus Factor

Sorry, it’s been a little quiet over the last couple of weeks. My oldest son has been sick, and I’ve been drowning in paperwork ugh … I’ll get better on updating — I promise! šŸ™‚

Anyways, I promised I would write more on how I lost weight.

I got started after watching a TV show similar to the “The biggest loser” … Cliche, I know. I’ve seen plenty of these shows before, but this time there was something different. I was seeing a woman, a few years older than me, and how her weight had ruined her family.

I kinda saw myself like that. It really scared me. It isĀ a hard feeling to describe, butĀ it’s that ‘what the hell am I doing with my life feeling’ …Ā Ā I decided then that I was going to lose weight — and this time I was going to make it.

I first sat down in front of the computer, googling ‘how to lose weight’. I was reading side up and side down on various forums, Yahoo Answers .. you name it. I bet there are as many weight loss programs as there are obeseĀ people.Ā I eventually landed at, through, and read her review on the Venus factor program (direct link).

I know from previous weight loss ventures that my biggest problem is my motivation. Even now, I knew that my initial boost after watching the TV show would end in a few weeks, and I would be back to the same old.Ā This was one of the reasons for chosing the venus program in the first place … I wanted to stay motivated, and figures the members area was a great place for this. I also have little knowledge og the mechanisms behind weight loss, and had to get a program which was easy to comprehend.

It’s been a while since I finished my 12 weeks, but I still stick to the principles in the program. I even hang out at the members area. Staying healthy is a lifestyle, and something I’ve actually gained a genuine interest in (which is one of the reasons for starting this blog).

I will get to you in hopefully not to long with some pictures andĀ  a ‘timeline’, if you can call it that, of my weight loss story.



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